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Once upon a time the mere mention of "womens gilets" would have conjured up images of unflattering green quilted sleeveless garments being donned by the country set - probably in tandem with green wellies and wax jackets.

Over recent years, however, a more stylish breed of gilet has found its way into mainstream fashion, becoming a familiar sight on the high street and even entering the walk-in-wardrobes of numerous style-conscious celebrities.

Of course, the gilet remains an excellent option for anyone keen on outdoor pursuits. The sleeveless design means that the body is kept insulated whilst the arms remain unrestricted, making the gilet a suitable choice for hikers, skiers and cyclists.

It is this same practicality that has seen womens gilets adopted as a great day-to-day option, just as suitable for throwing on to go shopping or walking the dog as for hiking up a mountain. Outdoor sports manufacturers such as Berghaus and North Face now produce great quality gilets that are equally at home when being use as serious sports garments or as more general fashion wear.

This web site explains the many features for women to look for in gilets, as well as recommending some great online deals for anyone looking to make a purchase.

Features of Womens Gilets

What to look for

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Womens gilets come with a number of different features, so it's worth taking this into consideration before you make your purchase. Some things to look out for are hoods, fur linings and collars, zips, pockets, padding, fleece and waterproof / windproof materials.

If you are after a practical gilet for outdoor pursuits then the most important things to take into account are the materials that have been used and whether or not there are any pockets. Naturally if you are out walking you will want to stay as dry as possible if there is a shower, so waterproof materials will be high on your list of priorities when it comes to selecting a gilet.

The good news is that a waterproof gilet will also be windproof, so you know you are covered for all weather eventualities! If you do plan to wear your gilet when out walking, pockets are another important feature; gilet pockets aren't simply for carrying things, they are also designed as a means of keeping your hands warm.

Hoods and fur linings are great little add-ons for keeping you warm, but they also double up as fashionable extras. Gilets are a popular ladies fashion item these days and hoods and fur lined collars are definitely in.

The level of padding that has been used is another factor that is worth taking into consideration. Depending on how you intend to use your gilet, you may have a preference for either a heavy or lightweight gilet. More heavily padded gilets will keep you warmer, but a lightweight gilet is a great travel option and ideal for the summer months.

Who Makes Womens Gilets?

The manufacturers

There are a number of well known brands that manufacturer gilets for ladies; brands such as North Face, Soul Cal and Berghaus are extremely popular and well known for their high quality clothing products.

Soul Cal produce a fantastic range of clothing that reflects the laid back Californian lifestyle. The great thing about Soul Cal products is that not only do they look great, but they are also surprisingly affordable - you can pick up a Soul Cal womens gilet for as little as £30.00, a real bargain!

Berghaus are known for their high quality outdoors merchandise - they started out supplying clothing specifically for the outdoors market, but over time they managed to establish themselves as a significant name in the fashion world. The great thing about Berghaus is you know you are getting absolutely top quality clothing any time you invest in one of their products, but this does come at a price.

North Face have taken a similar route to Berghaus in many respects - they are outdoor clothing specialists that have become something of a high street brand. North Face afford the same level of respect as Berghaus, and produce excellent quality goods that are great for day-to-day wear as well as serious outdoors pursuits.

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Womens Gilets

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